Keystone Environmental Ltd.

Annual report photography for Makenzie Investments Ltd. Shot on location at Polygon Gallery.

Corporate portrait for DBM Law photographed on location at Lost Lake.


Corporate portraits for Bosa Construction Inc.

Omicron. Executive portraits.


Images shot for print campaign for Santevia Alkaline Water Filter Systems. Agency: Crew Marketing. 

The making of a medieval longbow. Editorial for the German publication Macher. 

I had a ton of fun photographing the making of a medieval long bow akin to the ones so famously used with devastating effect by the English during the 100 year war in the 14th century. Journalist Sascha Borre' was given the task of making it by local bow builder Ryan Gauthier (#wizard_goat). 

Editorial portrait for the Guardian of inventor, deep sea explorer and Order of Canada holder, Phil Nuytten. A pioneer in deep sea exploration technology, Mr. Nuytten has worked closely with NASA, National Geographic and other big ticket clients for decades. The last of the 3 images depicts a draft of a permanent self sustaining deep sea science and research base (3000 feet below sea level), which would be situated in the Juan de Fuca straight off Vancouver Island.

Fun fact: He once wrestled a 16 foot giant octopus with tentacles as wide as thighs…fun fun. National Geographic Wild supposed filmed this daring deed (man vs octopus). And like he said…they are really quite playful creatures..rub them between the eyes and they change colour. No thanks, but I’ll take your word for it Phil!

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_MG_9706 1.jpg
_MG_9653 1.jpg

Got commisioned to fly into Castlegar to shoot the german papermill giant Zellstoff Celgar's Castlegar mill over two days in August. I absolutely love the diversity my profession allows me, with my work ranging from advertising to industrial, as two assignments are rarely the same. 

This editorial assignment had me follow journalist Sascha Borree to Salt Spring island to capture content for the german publication Macher. The assignment consisted of shooting content over two consecutive days for two articles. The topics - How to build an emergency shelter in the woods capable of keeping you warm in crappy conditions and how to build an earth oven to cook the fish and root vegetables you caught with your bare hands...somehow....miraculously. Not only was it a blast to shoot, but also a couple of very valuable skills to learn. You never know right!