Corporate branding portraits photographed on location in the Tricity area for DBM Law.


Corporate branding portraits for Vancouver architectural firm.

Branding portraits for local Architectural firm.

The brief called for photographing all the team members of the firm (around 40) in a fashion that allowed for both their professional side and their personality to show up in a simple and humorous manner, that could be used in an interactive fashion on their new website. Each person had been allocated a window of 15 minutes for both make up and portrait session. It was fun, fast and furious.

Homes for Heroes. Print campaign.

Print campaign for Homes for Heroes. Homes for heroes is a charity foundation, helping homeless veterans with getting into affordable and safe housing. I teamed up with Art director Mike Catherall to create this probono campaign. By donating to Homes for Heroes, your donations physically go towards buying supplies for building micro homes.