On my little road trip along the gold rush trail I came across an old abandoned hospital complex in the middle of nowhere.   

The Place is called Tranquille Sanatorium, and is located about 10-12 kilometer west of Kamloops. It used to house the mentally tormented as well as TB patients. Also on the grounds used to be a youth prison and a residential school. The place was abandoned in 1982 and has stood uninhabited ever since.

Needless to say, the residual energy hanging over the place was heavy, sad and very very eerie.

While the grounds are surrounded by barbed wire and ‘do not trespass’ signs, I found the front gate unlocked and quite open. Also the gate was more a road boom, than a gate, so it seemed that no genuine attempt had been made to close off the premisses from nosy people like me. I debated with myself as to whether it would be bad Karma on my behalf to enter the ground and explore, and decided that as long as I was respectful to the place and its history, and didn’t move, break or take anything along with me, that it would be okay to make a visit.

So armed with nothing than my camera and a whole lots of jitters, I ventured onto the ground.

I spent about 2 hours exploring the grounds and never ran into a soul…well at least none that I could see…