50+ people company group portrait shot in a compact boardroom. No problem. Shot for Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc.

Print campaign for Globe Printers done in collaboration with Crew Marketing Partners. 

Print campaign for Design Lighting in collaboration with Crew Marketing Partners.

Had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Joe Vitale (yes...the guy from the movie 'the secret'), and listen to his sage life advice during the filming of the documentary 'One Life No Regrets' by local documentary film maker Patrick Stark.

Peter Holst was commissioned to photograph branding portraits for DBM Law. The task involved capturing the leadership team at various Tri-City area landmarks. 

Chester Wisniewski, Cyber security expert, Sophos Ltd.  Editorial portrait for BCBusiness Magazine.         

Chester Wisniewski, Cyber security expert, Sophos Ltd.

Editorial portrait for BCBusiness Magazine.




Print ad for Shearwater technical diving equipment.

Love Food Hate Waste.

'Love Food Hate Waste' print campaign for Metro Vancouver. The main challenge with this fun campaign was to find talent who displayed facial features which would connect them visually to a type of food. Thankfully soup was not on the menu...phew.

Campaign to run across multiple provinces.

I was commissioned by 'Produced By Magazine' to shoot writer and producer Noah Hawley of the TV series 'Fargo'. The brief called for portraits with a cinematic 'vibe'. Originally we planned to shoot Noah at a pre-scoutedoutdoor location, but was forced indoors due to heavy rain. This left us with a boardroom and 35 minutes to get the shots needed, before Noah had to head to the airport to catch a flight to L.A. A fun exercise in thinking on my feet.


I was commissioned by Immersion Creative to shoot a print PR campaign for FishSafe. The client wanted to reach out to working fishermen using humour. The shoot took place in Steveston. Oh man...the fish and chips is so good there. 

BOSA/BlueSkye Properties.

I was commissioned to create lifestyle content for the marketing material for several new residential towers that BOSA/BlueSkye Properties are soon to complete. As part of the process, we shot talent across Vancouver over two consecutive days.